HACO Projects

Oakwood Avenue Redevelopment Groundbreaking Ceremony

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 Dr. Walter G. Alexander Village

Phase I and Phase II

http://psychicevents.co.uk/TVFilm-of-Psychics(2676520).htm The Orange Housing Authority in conjunction with the Orange Housing Development Corporation seek to redevelop the Walter G. Alexander public housing complex by providing safe and affordable homes for seniors and neighborhood families, while attracting new mixed income renters.

http://tcmcards.com/?add-to-cart=1040 The Dr. Walter G. Alexander Village was originally a public housing complex built in 1952. This site is 3.8-acres, bounded by Central Place, Parrow Street, Wilson Place and Oakwood Avenue. The site now consists of 48 affordable housing units for seniors and 66 affordable housing family developments.

Photos capture the progress of the Dr. Walter G. Alexander Project.

Dr. Walter G. Alexander Village

Phase III

Wilson Place and Parrow Street are the locations where WGA Village Phase III developments will be built. When completed there will be a total of 42 tax credit units available.


Oakwood Avenue Redevelopment Project

As an effort to rehabilitate the community surrounding the Dr. Walter G. Alexander Village, OHA has acquired several properties on Oakwood Avenue which were vacant and dilapidated due to a fire that took place in 2011. When the project is completed, there will be a total of 28 homes available.


North Parrow Street Project

Plans are underway to redevelop North Parrow Street. When completed there will be 20 – 30 town homes available to families interested in purchasing a home in the city of Orange.