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Business Opportunities


Join hands with us as a landlord and play a crucial role in providing quality housing to our community. As a landlord partner, you’ll be part of our efforts to create a positive impact on the lives of residents by offering safe and comfortable homes.


Our commitment to excellence extends to our procurement processes. This section outlines how your business can participate in providing goods and services that support our housing initiatives. Together, we can ensure the best outcomes for our community.

Current Bids

Stay informed about ongoing opportunities to collaborate with us through our current bids. Explore the projects where we’re seeking external expertise and innovative solutions to further enhance our housing services.

Bid Results

Transparency is a cornerstone of our operations. In this section, you can access the results of previous bids, gaining insights into the outcomes and the partners who have contributed to our mission.

At the Housing Authority of New Jersey, we believe that collaboration drives progress. Whether you’re a landlord looking to contribute to housing solutions, a business interested in procurement partnerships, or an organization ready to engage in bidding opportunities, we invite you to explore these avenues and join us in our journey towards creating thriving communities through accessible and nurturing housing.