Executive Director’s Message


Positive change begins by taking initiative.

The Orange Housing Authority and the Orange Development Corporation’s Board leadership have set a course of action to improve the lives of the people we proudly serve in Orange.

Some people mistakenly believe that we only work for those who live in our developments or participate in our programs. However, our goal through our daily work is to use the Housing Authority as a catalyst to improve the entire community.

Working closely with city and neighborhood leaders, we are working to make Orange a better place to live. By addressing the most difficult housing issues, through a block-by-block strategy, will ensure safe streets, better neighborhoods, and higher property values.

In addition, demolition will continue, as redevelopment plans for Central Place and North Parrow Street are underway. We are very excited about the progress we are making in the city of Orange and we invite you to take a look at our redevelopment plans and see images of our demolition activity by visiting our “Projects” section of this website.

We hope you join us, as we work for a brighter future for the people of Orange.


Dr. Walter D. McNeil, Jr., Ph.D
 Executive Director