Residential revamps on the way to Orange

ORANGE – Old, abandoned homes are to be torn down on Central Place. The residential neighborhood will be construction grounds for new homes.

“This neighborhood is really not what it used to be. This used to be a family-oriented block. We used to have block parties when we were kids,” says Jon Baker, a resident of the neighborhood.

The buildings in question have been abandoned for years and aren’t suitable for anyone to live. The deconstructions are part of smart design reconstruction to maximize the space on small plots of land.

City housing authority officials say they have very clear goals in place for the historic neighborhood. “And that is to continue to revitalize the properties, bring economic development, and we know the opportunities that are going to follow shortly. This will be a booming community in the very short future,” says Brad Leak, assistant executive director of the Orange Housing Authority.

The houses coming to the properties are said, by officials, to be built off-site and will be transported to the plots of soon-to-be vacant land in and around Central Place.

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