On February 28, 2013, the last program for Black History Month will be held in the community room at the Orange Housing Authority. This evening, Commissioner Ernest Williams and OHA Executive Director, Walter McNeil, Jr., Ph.D. will open the program with a discussion about “African American Heritage” and later turn the program over to the “Leslie Ford Ensemble”, who will give a Jazz performance. Following the performance, residents are welcome to stay and enjoy a film by Spike Lee, “Mo Better Blues”.

This program is the last of a series of Black History programming produced by the Orange Housing Authority. On February 20th, OHA residents were invited to attend a Black History Program and Reception. The program was facilitated by Commissioner, Ernest Williams and included Mayor Dwayne Williams, City of Newark and Councilwoman, Mildred Crump, who gave a presentation overview of Black History-“Then and Now”. Closing the program was a presentation from Caryl Lucas, who talked about her grandmother, who lived to be 107 years old. Caryl also provided books to OHA which were given to residents as gifts.

“I always enjoy the opportunity celebrate my heritage. February is the one month everyone, young and old can come together to examine our history in depth and celebrate our achievements and contributions to society.”-OHA Commissioner, Ernest Williams