Judge throws out lawsuits against City of Orange, housing authority 14 suits brought by attorney Jeffrey Feld are dismissed


ORANGE — Fourteen lawsuits against the City of Orange and the housing authority were dismissed on Tuesday. The suits, which had been filed over nine years by attorney Jeffrey Feld, challenged various measures the city had taken to build affordable housing and disputing the sale of properties to the housing authority.

A superior court said that Feld’s claims were unsupported by the law and his arguments were insufficient.

Staff at the housing authority and the city say they feel vindicated by the court’s decision, but worry that Feld will file another suit, costing them more money and setbacks in building affordable housing. Fighting the suits has cost $450,000 so far.

“We hope he won’t continue this onslaught,” said Avram White, the chairman of the Orange Housing Development Corporation.

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