Dr Walter G. Alexander Project Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Dr Walter G. Alexander Project Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On Wednesday, July 11, 2012 at 11:00 am, 105 Wilson Place, Orange, New Jersey, the Orange Housing Development Corporation will host a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Grand Opening of the Dr. Walter G. Alexander Village. The ceremony will recognize the project partners and officials whohelped to complete Phase I & II of the redevelopment project. Invited guests,include newly elected Mayor Dwayne Warren, City of Orange Council, Commissioner of the NJ Department of Community Affairs, HUD, Congressman Payne, the Orange Housing Authority Commissioners, Orange Housing Development Corporation Board Members, Development Partners: TD Bank, Enterprise, AJD, The Alpert Group, Kitchen Associates, and Metro Company.

After the ceremony, a media tour of the development will follow. The Orange Housing Development Corporation plans in conjunction with the City of Orange Housing Authority seek to redevelop the Walter G. Alexander public housing complex by providing safe and affordable homes for seniors and neighborhood families, while attracting new mixed income renters.

The Dr. Walter G. Alexander Village was originally a public housing complex built in 1952. This site is 3.8-acres, bounded by Central Place, Parrow Street, Wilson Place and Oakwood Avenue. The site now consists of 48 affordable housing units for seniors and 66 affordable housing family developments.

After the ceremony, a tour of the Dr. Walter G. Alexander Village will follow.

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